Welcome to ITL BioMedical

We design and produce biological sampling systems for blood-banking, laboratory and clinical healthcare professionals around the world.

  • Blood Banking Systems for Safety, Efficiency and Economy
    It is our mission to make blood bank products and biological sampling systems, collection, transfer, and management safer for everyone involved—from healthcare professionals to donors and patients to waste disposal staff. Our AV Fistula needle guard “Platypus”¯ and our whole blood needle guard, "Donor Care," set the industry standard almost two decades ago. Since then, we've been raising the bar with integrated safety lids that reduce the risk of accidental needle sticks.
  • Laboratory Solutions that Offer Less Risk and Greater Efficiency
    No one wants a needle stick injury when sub-culturing a positive sample. That's why we eliminated the risk of accidental needle sticks by eliminating the needle in our sample transfer device for bacteria identification. Our patented needleless Safety Subculture Unit also limits exposure to gas and culture discharge. This innovative laboratory biological sampling system is just one way we've incorporated feedback from our customers to make sampling and testing efficient and safer.
  • When It Comes to Clinical Healthcare Every Second Counts
    When lives are on the line, there is no time for second-guessing. Whether in a hospital, an emergency clinic, or the back of an ambulance, healthcare professionals can rely on ITL BioMedical’s biological sampling systems and devices, biological laboratory supplies and procedure kits to reduce the risk of accidental needle sticks and function efficiently every time.

Safe. Reliable. Efficient. Innovative.

Those are not just words to us. They are the goals that drive everything we do. At ITL Biomedical, we are committed to enhancing safety, process efficiency and reliability through innovation. Each biological sampling system and product we create is made specifically with the end user's needs in mind.

Our patented biological sampling systems and medical devices are used daily in more than 50 countries around the world by healthcare professionals who perform millions of procedures annually.

Design Insights

needleguard for blood collection

Needle Guard – Throughout the lengthy R&D process ITL engineers consulted with end-user focus groups globally to guide an innovative approach to designing a safer way to retract needles.