ITL BioMedical Expands Footprint into the U.S. Medical-Surgical Market

IV Start Kit Now Available; New Products to Launch in 2024

Reston, VA—Building on two decades of specialization in medical devices for blood banks, laboratories, and clinical environments, ITL BioMedical is entering the U.S. medical-surgical market with its new IV Start Kit.

This move aligns with ITL’s commitment to safer, more efficient biological sampling and clinical best practices across new geographical and market segments.

The ITL BioMedical IV Start Kit is the initial product in a planned series that expands ITL’s reach within the U.S. market, aiming to address specific needs of healthcare providers through precisely engineered solutions.

About the IV Start Kit

Designed to enhance aseptic techniques and standardize venous access procedures, ITL’s IV Start Kits come equipped with sterilized components essential for swift and secure venous access. The kit can be adapted to align with facility-specific protocols, thereby reducing VAD-related infection risks.

What’s Included:

  • Non-Woven Gauze Swab: 5x5cm
  • Bluey Underpad: 40 x 30cm
  • Generic Dressing: 6.5x7cm (non-sterile)
  • TPE Tourniquet: Rolled and banded, 4.5×2.5cm
  • Label Dressing: 1.5×4.5cm
  • Sterile Field: 450x450x0.025mm, white
  • Alcohol Prep Pad: Model RHS417

Purchasing Information

The IV Start Kit is available for online purchase at For larger quantities, contact or +1 (703) 435-6700 for a personalized quote.

About ITL BioMedical

A leading, established manufacturer of registered medical devices and consumables, ITL BioMedical is at the forefront of innovative design in biological sampling systems and healthcare devices for both human and animal use. We specialize in producing easy-to-use sample collection, blood transfer, and vascular access products that prioritize the health and safety of patients and healthcare professionals globally. Recognized and trusted by blood banks, clinics, clinical laboratories, veterinarians, and NGOs worldwide, our commitment to quality is unwavering.

ITL BioMedical is a proud division of ITL Health Group (ASX:ITD).

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