ITL BioMedical and Thimble™ Collaboration Targets Blood Donation Shortfalls with Discomfort-Relieving Patch

Agreement Aims to Boost Donations by Reducing Soreness, Bruising, and Swelling from Needle Procedures

Reston, VA—ITL BioMedical, a leading global provider of medical devices and systems for safer, more efficient biological sampling and clinical best practices, today announced a new distribution partnership with ThimbleTM (Achelon, Inc.) to distribute its product, Recover.

ThimbleTM is a comprehensive platform to alleviate needle discomfort. Recover is a skin-soothing adhesive patch designed for application after needle procedures. This product offers an alternative to traditional bandages, focusing on reducing tenderness and bruising and controlling inflammation, thereby enhancing the post-donation experience for individuals.

The strategic collaboration aims in part to address the decline in blood donations across the US by offering a more comfortable and less stressful donation experience. Recent data from the American Red Cross indicates a 25% decrease in blood donations since August 2023. This partnership aims to introduce Recover to a wider audience and make it more accessible to blood centers/banks, caregivers, and patients to reduce needle discomfort and foster an increase in blood donations.

“Our mission at ITL has always been to support and enhance the blood donation process,” said Craig Wilson, CEO of ITL BioMedical. “By introducing Recover, we are not just providing a superior alternative to traditional bandages; we are addressing a fundamental barrier in blood donation—the fear and discomfort associated with needles. Our collaboration with ThimbleTM is a step forward in encouraging more people to donate blood.”

“As a physician, I’ve witnessed the impact of needle discomfort on patients’ willingness to undergo necessary medical procedures, including blood donations,” said Dr. Manju Dawkins, CEO and founder of ThimbleTM. “Recover is our answer to this challenge—a simple, effective way to ease post-procedure discomfort, encouraging more people to participate in life-saving blood donations.”

Made in the US, the Recover patch features a plant-powered formula with minimal ingredients such as arnica, turmeric, black pepper, and coenzyme Q10 that provide optimal relief after needle procedures. Its localized delivery provides effective relief right where it hurts, without the potential side effects of oral pain medications.

Recover is available for bulk order for hospitals, blood banks/centers, and other organizations. For more information, visit

About ITL BioMedical

A leading established manufacturer of registered medical devices and consumables, ITL BioMedical is at the forefront of innovative design in biological sampling systems and healthcare devices for both human and animal use. We specialize in producing easy-to-use sample collection, blood transfer, and vascular access products that prioritize the health and safety of patients and healthcare professionals globally. Recognized and trusted by blood banks, clinics, clinical laboratories, veterinarians, and NGOs worldwide, our commitment to quality is unwavering.

ITL BioMedical is a proud division of ITL Health Group (ASX:ITD).

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About ThimbleTM

Thimble™ (Achelon, Inc) is pioneering the needle care market with innovative solutions and products designed to create better health outcomes and improve experiences with needle procedures. With a focus on compassion and a commitment to alleviating pain and stress, Thimble™ is on a mission to change the way healthcare feels. For more information, visit

FDA Statement

The Recover product and claims have not been evaluated by the U.S. FDA and are not approved to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent diseases. For external use only. Do not use if you’re allergic to any ingredients in the patch.

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