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World-class medical devices for blood banks, labs, clinical settings and animal health

Who We Are

Over the past 20 years, ITL BioMedical has become a leading global provider of medical devices and systems for safer, more efficient biological sampling and clinical best practice.

We offer comprehensive product lines for blood banks, laboratories, clinical settings and animal health.

Our products provide support for blood collection, blood culture testing, blood sample transfer, pre-analytics, invasive blood pressure monitoring, IV administration, medical procedures, haemostasis applications, surgical needs and animal healthcare.

Featuring ergonomic, safety-focused designs, our essentials for blood management and clinical procedures increase productivity and support best outcomes.

Why We’re Different

As a world-class medical device manufacturer, we prioritize safety, efficiency and ease of use.

We are held to the highest quality and regulatory standards in the industry, and here’s why blood banks, laboratories and clinical markets trust us:

Innovative Solutions
We consistently look to the future and leverage input from healthcare markets worldwide to advance our products. We work closely with our customers to meet their changing needs through continuous product innovation, quality control and outstanding customer service. Our research and development lab rigorously test our advancements to ensure our devices are designed with superior quality when introduced on a global scale.

Safety First
We prioritize safety, efficiency and ease of use while being held to the highest quality and regulatory standards in the industry. Our patented devices and registered designs reduce risk and empower healthcare professionals at blood banks, laboratories and clinical settings to manage blood lifecycles to enable safe and productive blood management.

Global Network
Our global network of sales, distribution and service team members ensure worldwide access to our products, which are used daily in more than 55 countries.

Certifications and Recognition

Our world-class, ISO certified, and environmentally friendly manufacturing plant located in Perak, Malaysia, meets international regulatory requirements.

Our customers count on us to deliver products that meet their needs and help them maintain Occupational Safety and Health Administration compliance in the United States, as well as international occupational and safety health standards.

In additional, many of our products are cleared by the US Food and Drug Administration, comply with European Union medical directives, and meet other countries’ regulatory conditions as requested.

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About ITL Health Group

ITL BioMedical is a division of ITL Health Group, an innovative Australian medical technology company, supplier and strategic partner that provides products and solutions to healthcare markets worldwide and empowers individual health management.

ITL Health Group sets standards for essential products through continued innovation, leveraging market intelligence to optimize end user safety and efficiency and effectively meet stringent global clinical demands and regulatory requirements.

The global footprint of ITL Health Group serves blood banks, hospitals and health systems, laboratories and veterinary medicine and animal production facilities in more than 55 countries throughout North America, South America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Australia and Malaysia.

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