Swine Oral Fluids Kit

TEGO Swine Oral Fluids Kit

Complete kit for easy oral fluid collection and testing

Need a simple way to do population testing for your herd? TEGO Swine Oral Fluids Kit is a complete kit that allows you to easily test for a range of conditions using minimal staff resources.

TEGO Swine Oral Fluids Kit was developed in close consultation with US laboratories, veterinarians and livestock producers worldwide. It’s an easy way to collect oral samples from pen populations, with all materials provided.

Simplify the process for designated disease testing such as PRSS or genetic testing and minimise staff resources using the all-inclusive TEGO Swine Oral Fluids Collection Kit. The kit contains all items you’ll need to collect oral fluid samples and prepare them for refrigerated packing and transportation.

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Easy to collect one pooled oral sample from pen populations, no further pooling to test samples in the lab

No need for scissors with specially designed collection bag with tear-off notche; barcode labelling of individual sample tubes

Compatible with existing lab proceses; allows testing for PRRSV and other diseases

Ordering Information

A100930 36/case 6/bag