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A simple patch to alleviate soreness, bruising, and swelling from needle procedures.

Soothe Needle Discomfort.

The Recover patch reduces tenderness and bruising and controls inflammation from needle procedures. It’s doctor and mom developed with turmeric and arnica for effective relief, without the potential side effects of oral pain medications. With Recover patches, you can soothe, calm, and comfort the area while protecting the skin—all at the same time. Recover’s soft, flexible materials are designed for easy wear on arms, legs, stomach, and most common injection sites. Unlike most patches and oral medication designed to release actives throughout the body, the Recover patch works precisely where it’s needed, for optimal relief without potential side effects.

Reduce Tenderness

Relieves aches and soreness, reduces tenderness and bruising

Gentle Comfort

Eases irritation and discomfort, formulated to be gentle on the skin

Inflammation Control

Calms inflammation and swelling for faster recovery

Safe & Accessible

Safe for donors of all ages and available without a prescription

Plant-Powered Formula

Free of the potential side effects of oral pain medications

Quality Assurance

Made in the USA with high standards of production

How to Use Recover

Recover is designed for ease of use for patients and facilities alike. Simply use it in place of a bandage after needle procedures: peel off, stick on, and feel better. We recommend wearing for 8 to 48 hours to cover the typical onset of soreness. Change daily or more often if needed. After removal, any residue will fade naturally.


The Recover patch is perfect for people of all ages.

What’s In It?

Recover uses minimal ingredients for optimal relief.

Black Pepper
Coenzyme Q10
Acrylic Adhesive

What Users Are Saying

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“As a clinician, I hear firsthand how fears of injections or blood draws prevent many people from getting necessary medical intervention… the Recover patch is a promise of relief post-injection—a reminder that there is something to comfort you at the end.”​

“[Recover] helped easy my pre-vaccine anxiety. It was a much better experience than we’ve ever had in the past.”

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The Recover product and claims have not been evaluated by the U.S. FDA and are not approved to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent diseases. For external use only. Do not use if you’re allergic to any ingredients in the patch.