Fistula Needle Guard, needlestick injury prevention

Platypus® AV Fistula Needle Guard

Dual shield protection for AV fistula and apheresis needles

Want to reduce risk during apheresis collection or haemodialysis? Prevent needlesticks and biohazard exposure with the Platypus Needle Guard. It immediately shields the needle on withdrawal and fully encloses it for a safer, more efficient process.

More than 385,000 US healthcare workers sustain needlestick injuries each year.

Make apheresis collections and haemodialysis procedures safer with the Platypus Needle Guard. It immediately shields AV fistula and apheresis needles on withdrawal, reducing the risk of potential biohazard exposure and needlestick injury.

The secondary locking feature fully encloses the needle within the casing–further reducing the risk of needlesticks and potential exposure to blood drops from the needle tip.

The effortless withdrawal technique means Platypus needs minimal training and is easily incorporated into your existing processes.

Product Resources

Shields needle immediately from behind when withdrawn from any angle

Encases needle and blood drops with secondary locking feature

Low-profile design reduces potential accidental needle movement and withdrawal

Ordering Information

A100360 Bulk, Non sterile 1,200/case