Safer and easier blood component segment sampling

A new solution for collecting a measured blood sample from a tubing segment.

Blood component segment sampling is an important procedure for many specialized laboratory tests, but current methods are inefficient and present a number of risks.

Used primarily in point of release transfusion product testing, transfusion reaction workups, component immunohematology and QC testing, and cellular therapy product testing, blood component segment sampling requires users to collect a blood sample from a sealed tubing segment.

This usually involves manually cutting the tubing segment with scissors, and either dripping or squeezing blood or component from the open segment into a tube or required test chamber.

This procedure presents a number of potential risks, including biohazard exposure, sharps injury and sample contamination.

To address this issue, ITL BioMedical has developed Segment Sampler – an all-in-one device that makes it safer and easier to collect a measured blood sample from a tubing segment.

There are a number of features that make Segment Sampler a smarter choice for blood component segment sampling:

Recessed needles for improved safety

Segment Sampler has recessed needles that pierce the ends of the tubing segment. Once both ends of the segment have been pierced, the fluid in the segment can be drawn into an attached needleless syringe.

This process eliminates the need to manually cut and squeeze tubing segments, significantly reducing the risk of sharps injury and biohazard exposure.

Safer and faster measured samples

Segment Sampler is the first device that enables users to collect a measured blood sample directly from a sealed tubing segment.

Attaching a needleless syringe with volume graduations to Segment Sampler is a safer and easier way to collect a measured sample.

Integrated port for needleless syringe

Segment Sampler features an integrated port to attach the needleless syringe, making it a simple, efficient and easy-to-use all-in-one device.

The device can also be used with a tube holder, allowing the sample to be collected directly into a vacuum tube.


An innovative solution with a variety of applications

ITL BioMedical’s Business Development Manager Pat Reilly says Segment Sampler provides a unique solution for a previously unmet need in the market.

“We developed Segment Sampler to make it safer and easier to obtain a measured sample from a blood component tubing segment – something that  previously required multiples steps and had inherent exposure risks ,” she says.

“Segment Sampler is the only device on the market that enables users to collect a measured sampled directly from a sealed tubing segment, which significantly reduces potential risks associated with this procedure.

“The device has been designed in close consultation with point of release test manufacturers and potential end users, and feedback to date has been overwhelmingly positive.”

Segment Sampler is suitable for use in a variety of applications, including:

  • Hospital labs
  • Transfusion services
  • Cellular therapy labs
  • Blood center QC labs

Specifically, Segment Sampler provides a safer and easier solution for:

  • obtaining a measured sample for point of release testing
  • sampling cord blood and other cellular therapy products
  • sampling units of blood implicated in transfusion reaction workups
  • sampling components for immune hematology and QC tests, research and other uses where a sample needs to be obtained from a sealed tubing segment.

Improve blood component segment sampling with the Segment Sampler all-in-one device.