Segment Sampler

Segment Sampler for blood sample collection. Enhance your lab processes with a safer, more efficient alternative for collecting a measured sample.

Collect a safer, measured sample and reduce biohazard exposure.

Want a safer, more efficient way to collect a measured blood sample? Segment Sampler is an IVD device that gives you an alternative to cutting and squeezing tubing segments-reducing the risk of biohazard exposure.

Segment Sampler is an IVD device that gives you a more efficient, safer alternative when you need to take blood samples from a tubing segment.
Instead of cutting and squeezing of tubing segments and dripping sample from an open segment–leaving you exposed to potential biohazards–use the Segment Sampler for a simple, efficient and safe sampling procedure.

You can use the Segment Sampler for:
• transfusion reaction workup
• point of release tests
• bacterial screening

Recessed sampling needles to reduce potential for needle stick injuries

Integrated port for attaching a needleless syringe

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A200200 Individually packaged Sterile 360/case 60/box 6 boxes/case