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The need for Single Patient Use Torniquets
Evidence suggests a high proportion of reusable tourniquets are contaminated with blood and bacterial pathogens and these are used in the most common invasive procedures in a hospital; venous-blood sampling and intravenous cannulation.

“There remains a potential risk of viral transmission from tourniquets to patients across areas of broken skin such as venous access and monitoring sites, open wounds, eczema, cuts and abrasions.”
“Since it is impossible to disinfect reusable tourniquets, we recommend the use of disposable tourniquets.”

Golder M et al – The Lancet Vol 355 (2000) 44
Pinto A N et al – Med J Aust (2011) 195 5 276-279
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Tourniquet Adult Thick Strap 45cm ITL9001 500/carton
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Tourniquet Adult Thin Strap 60cm ITL9003 500/carton
Tourniquet Paediatric Thin Strap 35cm ITL9004 500/carton
Tourniquet Adult Generic 45cm ITL9005 500/carton

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