The test tube holder that saves time and reduces the risk of costly mix-ups

Sick of mixing up or misplacing test tubes? Confidently keep test tubes organised and labelled–saving time and money–with the TiMO Tube Manager Organizer.

Rubber bands break, labels on tubes wrapped together are difficult to scan, and test tubes placed in racks and on counter tops can be mixed up or misplaced. Don’t take the risk, use TiMO to safeguard your blood sample collection process.

A flexible test tube holder, TIMO was designed in consultation with blood centre staff to streamline collection processes, encourage tube labeling compliance, and keep test tubes together with blood collection bags and apheresis kits.

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Holds and organises test tubes before, during and after blood sample collection; allows for multiple samples to keep together during collection and transport

Facilitates blood bag and test tube set-up prior to the days’ collections; flexible material allows samples to be collected while test tubes are held in place

Keeps bar codes visible and accessible for scanning–saving time and reducing errors

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C100400 Non sterile 1,500/case