Bovine Blood Collection Kits

TEGO Bovine Blood Collection Kits

The simple way to collect and transport bovine blood samples

Need a simple way to collect and transport bovine blood samples for testing? TEGO Bovine allows you to easily test for a range of conditions and genetics, and ship blood samples without the need for refrigeration.

Convenient, fast and reliable, TEGO Bovine is an advanced animal blood testing system developed in close consultation with US laboratories, veterinarians and livestock procurers from around the world. It’s designed to simplify and lower the risks associated with bovine blood collections, such as potential injury from needlesticks or agitated livestock.

Cost-effective and easy-to-use, TEGO Bovine has been designed to fit standard ear-tagging applicators (with the TEGO Adapter Pin) so it can be applied to the animal’s ear for a quick and efficient sampling process. Blood samples, which dry quickly on blood collection cards, can then be sent for lab testing via regular mail–there’s no need for refrigeration.

Test for genetic conditions, pregnancy and diseases such as BVD and pestivirus.

Self-contained sharps reduce the risk of needlestick injury

No need to refrigerate blood samples–they can be sent via regular mail and stored for years at room temperature without affecting DNA sample integrity

Compatible with existing lab processes; test for genetic defets, trait selection, parentage and animal ID

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A100911 Non sterile 300/case 50/bag 6 bags/case