Stoma Buttons

ITL has a range of single sterile stoma buttons by Medasil ready to compliment your facilities surgical needs.

The Medasil Silicone Stoma Button is suitable for use by laryngectomees who have a need for continual wearing of either a tube or button in their tracheostomy in order to prevent narrowing of the stoma.


  • Manufactured from high quality medical grade silicone, radio-opaque, non-wetting and durable
  • Patient acceptance is good as the button is comfortable, soft, easily cleaned and allows free movement of the head
  • Supplied with standard 1.75mm flange, or extended flange, 6mm
  • The 6mm flange can be trimmed
  • Affords optimum patient protection


Ordering Information

All products are late and phthalate free

Silicone Stoma Button 12 mm 58/MED/139D 10/carton
Silicone Stoma Button 14mm 58/MED/138E 10/carton

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