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SampLok® Adapter Cap 3

Small, safe and simple blood culture sample collection

Want to make blood culture sample collection safer and more efficient? Designed to create minimal biohazard sharps waste, the compact SampLok Adapter Cap 3 is a versatile device for safe blood sample collection into culture bottles and test tubes.

Make your sample collection safer and more efficient with SampLok Adapter Cap 3.

Versatile and compact, SampLok Adapter Cap 3 fits securely on a range of culture bottles and vacuum tubes and ensures the sampling needle is well positioned in the culture bottle septum or tube cap.

The smaller size of these adapter caps reduces biohazard sharps waste, enhancing the efficiency and sustainability of your blood culture sample collection process.

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Compact size


Optional insert for use with sample tubes and long-neck culture bottles, can be attached to blood collection and winged needle sets


Flexible design fits with a variety of culture bottles and vacuum test tubes

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Product Information | Not Made with Natural Rubber Latex | Single Use Only

A100760 Non Sterile 600/case 50/box 12 boxes/case
A100761 Insert Non Sterile 840/case 70/box 12 boxes/case