Safety SubCulture Unit

Needleless, efficient sample transfer from blood culture bottles

Want to reduce the risk of sharps injury and culture discharge when subculturing? The Safety SubCulture Unit has been developed for safely transferring positive blood culture samples using the drop methor or needleless syringe.

Make your lab safer and more efficient with the Safety SubCulture Unit. This IVD blood culture device has been developed for safely transferring positive samples using the dop method or using a needleless syringe to transfer measured samples.

Designed to fit with a range of blood culture bottles, the plastic safety tip pierces the bottle septum and makes it easy to insert and remove. Meanwhile, the integrated filter cap captures gas and culture discharge, reducing potential exposure.

Two controlled sampling options

Integrated filter cap limits potential exposure to gas and culture discharge

Fits with a variety of culture bottles

Ordering Information

A100720 Sterile 360/case 60/box 6 boxes/case