PawCheck® UTI Test Kit for Cats including Non-absorbent and Reusable Cat Litter

Simple, Accurate and Non-Invasive Home Test for Cat UTIs

The PawCheck® UTI Test Kit for Cats with Non-Absorbent, Reusable Litter provides a comprehensive yet straightforward way to screen for urinary tract infections (UTIs) at home. The kit comes complete with a non-absorbent, reusable cat litter designed specifically for easy urine collection. Especially useful for monitoring diabetic and geriatric pets, this kit offers quick and reliable results in just two minutes.


Key Features:

Holistic UTI Screening

Tests for blood, leukocytes, and nitrite, giving you a detailed overview of your cat’s urinary health.

High-Risk Groups

Designed to closely monitor diabetic and geriatric cats who are more susceptible to UTIs.

Efficient and Convenient

Includes all you need for an at-home test, from non-absorbent litter to a color chart for quick results interpretation.

Easy-to-Follow Instructions

Simple step-by-step guide ensures accurate test procedure and reliable results.

Why Choose PawCheck® UTI Test Kit for Cats?

  • Fast and Reliable: Provides results in just two minutes, allowing timely interventions.
  • Ease of Use: Kit includes non-absorbent cat litter for simple and clean urine collection.
  • Comprehensive: Detects multiple UTI indicators, ensuring a thorough screening process.
  • Affordable: All-in-one kit eliminates the need for multiple products or expensive vet visits for initial screenings.

What’s Included:

  • 1 Test Device
  • Non-Absorbent, Reusable Cat Litter
  • Instructions for Use
  • Color Chart

Ordering Information

PC-UTI-C 2/pack
PC-UTI-C 10/pack