PawCheck® Cat Litter for Urine Collection

Simplified, Effective Urine Collection for Proactive Care

PawCheck® Cat Litter provides pet parents with an ingenious solution to easily monitor their cats’ well-being through urine analysis. Whether you notice unusual symptoms or simply engage in proactive health screening, this specialized litter offers an efficient collection method, designed with both the pet and the pet parent in mind. Key features include:

Unobtrusive and User-Friendly

The PawCheck® non-absorbent litter offers a simple and clean method for urine collection. Engineered to be smooth and comfortable, it ensures that your cat’s natural behavior isn’t disrupted during the collection process.

Multi-Use and Practical

This unique cat litter is reusable up to five times. Just rinse it clean and it’s ready for another round, either for screening multiple cats or for continued monitoring of a single feline.

Cost-Effective Solution

With PawCheck® Cat Litter, a small amount of non-absorbent litter is all that’s needed for effective urine collection, making it an economical choice for pet parents keen on constant health monitoring.

Comprehensive Kit

Each PawCheck® Cat Litter kit includes a pipette and a collection tube, providing you with all the necessary components for seamless urine collection and transport.

Why Choose PawCheck® Cat Litter?

  • Efficiency: It significantly simplifies the process of urine collection for diagnostic purposes.
  • Comfort: The litter is specially formulated to be smooth and non-abrasive, ensuring your cat’s comfort during use.
  • Versatility: Ideal for households with multiple cats or for ongoing health monitoring of a single cat.
  • Economy: Its re-usability and low volume requirement make it an economically savvy choice for consistent health screenings.

What’s Included

  • Non-absorbent PawCheck® Cat Litter
  • Pipette for precise collection
  • Urine collection tube
  • User manual

Ordering Information

PC-LIT01 1/pack
PC-LIT01 10/pack