Luer Activated Valves

AMSafe needle free Luer Activated Valve
AMSafe valves use Tru-Swab technology which gives the clinician the ability to “truly clean” any bacteria that might be on the access port. This surface always remains flat and smooth for easy, effective swabbing.

The AMSafe needle free Luer Activated Valve offers increased safety for both staff and patients.

Smooth surface — provides a surface for friction swabbing during pre-access disinfection
Double-sealed barrier design — Provides a secure effective infection barrier
High flow ratesĀ — Enables easy addition and removal of fluids even high viscosity solutions
Versatility of UseĀ — blood, lipid, chemo and MRI compatible
Clear Housing — enables visual inspection of the fluid pathway to confirm flushing procedure
One Piece Design — no additional parts required reducing inventory and component costs
Needle Free — compatible with Luer Lock and Slip devices. Note: Do not use needles

The AMSafe valve automatically opens when the Luer of a syringe is connected and closes when the Luer is withdrawn. This results in a completely closed system, which prevents the escape of blood, fluid or the entry of air. The Luer lock on the AMSafe valve guarantees a safe connection to other devices such as syringes, catheters and stopcocks.


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DEHP, Latex and Metal free

AmSafe Needle Free LAV 26/AMS-AY0200 100/carton

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