Intravenous Cannula Insertion Kits

Peripheral Intravenous Cannula Insertion Kits (PIVC)
Patients who are hospitalised, especially in critical care, are at constant risk of developing nosocomial infections, i.e., infections which may not be directly related to the original cause of hospitalisation.

When patients incur such an infection they remain longer in hospital and require additional treatment which leads to higher overall costs for hospitals and payers.

The benefits of an IV Insertion Kit are:

  • Encourages compliance with sterile techniques for the insertion and care of intravenous (IV) cannulas, lowering the potential for HAI and driving better outcomes
  • Reduces the potential for error through standardisation and encourages clinical best practice
  • It aids in the insertion and management of peripheral intravenous cannulas (PIVCs)
  • Its designed according to your needs, you only receive what’s requested
  • The contents are assembled in order of use, reducing set-up time and cannulation insertion times
  • All components are sterilised in one kit, reducing the need of opening and removal of multiple individual packages
  • It removes the complexity of stock control and re-ordering


Ordering Information

PIVC Insertion Kit Adult 061PC09000 60/carton
PIVC Insertion Kit Adult 061PC09029 60/carton
PIVC Insertion Kit Adult 061PC09045 60/carton
PIVC Insertion Kit Neonatal 061PC09046 60/carton
PIVC Insertion Kit Obstetrics 061PC09052 60/carton

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