Infant Nasal Cannula

ITL has a range of Infant Nasal CPAP Assembly by Cooper Surgical, Inc. ready to compliment your facilities medical needs

Infant Nasal CPAP Assembly
Your connection for Neonatal CPAP and Bubble CPAP Systems

Features and Benefits
Five anatomically proportional nasal cannulae sizes for a custom fit
Clear, extra soft cannula helps maintain tissue integrity
Stay-flex tubing provides custom shaping and maximum stability
Chin strap accessory minimises mouth leaks
Available in both Complete and Replacement Sets
Accessory Pack provides extra knit cap sixes, chin straps, hook fasteners and foam blocks

“Early bubble CPAP reduced delivery room intubations, (the number of) days on mechanical ventilation, postnatal steroid use and was associated with increased postnatal weight gain without any increased complications.” Journal of Perinatology 2003 (23):195-199

INCA is a registered trademark of Cooper Surgical, Inc.


Ordering Information

Inca 7.5F Nasal Cannula Set 25/44-2707 5/carton
Inca 9F Nasal Cannula Set 25/44-2709 5/carton
Inca 12F Nasal Cannula Set 25/44-2712 5/carton

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