Discover the benefits of SampLok Sampling Kits

SampLok Sampling Kit delivers an easy win for blood centers and laboratories by boosting safety and productivity, while also achieving compliance with the new FDA guidance for platelet bacterial risk control strategies.

This state-of-the-art device is easy to use, provides process efficiency and reduces risk of needlestick injury during platelet sampling and bottle inoculation for bacterial screening.

SampLok Sampling Kits are available in four chamber sizes (10, 16, 20 and 35mL) to support different labs’ platelet sampling volume requirements and processes.

The SampLok Sampling Kit enables safe and easy transfer of platelet samples to one or more culture bottles, minimizing procedure steps and avoiding unnecessary blood product waste.

For facilities planning or already performing large volume delayed sampling (LVDS) testing, SampLok Sampling Kit larger volume devices (16, 20 and 35mL) reduce the number of steps in the platelet sampling and inoculation process.

“ITL BioMedical has expanded the offering of its proven sampling devices no matter what the platelet sample volume requirements are,” said Pat Reilly, ITL BioMedical’s Business Development Manager.

The larger 20mL and 35mL chamber devices are more recent additions to the SampLok Sampling Kit range, enabling laboratory testing staff to collect a larger volume of platelet sample for bacterial screening.

“Being able to collect larger volumes of platelet samples with a single device is a “game-changer” for laboratory testing staff who would otherwise have to use two smaller chambers to collect enough sample volume for testing compliance with the new FDA guidance,” Ms. Reilly said.

“Having access to a larger volume of platelet sample will facilitate the inoculation of two culture bottles as required by the FDA guidance to enhance the detection of bacteria if present. The new larger capacity devices will streamline the blood culture sample collection and inoculation processes and make it easier with built in safety measures for staff,” she said.

What are SampLok Sampling Kits?

The SampLok Sampling Kit is a device specifically designed for collecting and transferring platelets from the component storage bag to one or more blood culture bottles. It provides a safe, effective and efficient solution for bacterial and other laboratory test sampling.

The product is compatible with a variety of culture bottles and vacuum tubes.

The gravity-fill sampling process and 1 mL graduation marks allow for the controlled measurement of sample volume in 10 mL, 16 mL, 20 mL and 35 mL chambers and minimizes waste of biological sample. The device also features an integrated safety lid that reduces the risk of needlestick injury.

SampLok Sampling Kits offer:

  • four volume options – 10mL, 16mL, 20mL and 35mL
  • greater sample volume accuracy thanks to 1 mL graduation marks
  • closed system sampling with gravity-fill sampling function
  • a stay open lid feature and an integrated safety lid (for needlestick protection)
  • flexible fit – it’s compatible with a variety of culture bottles and vacuum tubes
  • a simple and efficient design that’s easy to use and store

A recent study was undertaken by the Scottish National Blood Transfusion Service comparing SSK to a pouch sampling system they had been using.  The latter required use of a scale to help ensure adequate volumes were collected. The results of their study found:

  • Sample volumes collected in SSK were highly consistent, whereas the sample volumes collected in the pouch varied across a range of up to 9 mL.
  • The residual platelet sample is also greater in pouches with an average of 7.2 mL. This translates to greater platelet loss when using the pouch and thus fewer platelets available for patient transfusion.
  • Overall staff handling time for sampling the platelet unit and inoculating the bottle took 15 seconds less when using the SSK as compared to a pouch.

How the SampLok Sampling Kit can reduce the potential for needlestick injury

Needlestick injuries are a problem faced by frontline healthcare workers throughout the world. In the US alone, about 385,000 healthcare workers are affected by needlestick injuries each year.

It’s possible that the rate is actually higher because some incidents go unreported.

Most reported needlestick injuries involve nursing staff, however laboratory staff, and other health care workers are also at risk.

Blood-borne pathogens can be transmitted from needlestick injuries including hepatitis B, hepatitis C, and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).

These types of injuries can have a major health and psychological impact on the worker involved as well as a significant financial impact on the healthcare facility.

Although needlestick injury is an occupational hazard for healthcare workers, according to the World Health Organisation more than 80% of needlestick injuries can be prevented by using safer needle devices.

The SampLok Sampling Kit enables safer platelet sample collection and transfer. It reduces the number of steps for sampling and transfer and provides healthcare workers with the peace of mind that comes with a safer process.

How to protect yourself from needlestick injuries

The demand for safe platelet sampling and transfer systems is growing due to an increasing need to test platelet samples for the presence of bacteria prior to blood transfusions.

There are some simple steps that healthcare workers can take to protect themselves from needlestick injuries. These include:

  • Always use devices with safety features
  • Put used needles in a sharps disposal container immediately after use
  • Report all needlestick and other sharps-related injuries immediately
  • Follow all safety procedures in the workplace
  • Regularly undertake safety training courses

Reduce the potential for needlestick injury with SampLok Sampling Kits.