SampLok® Adapter Cap Range: reduce needlesticks and improve efficiency

New products to improve needle safety for bacterial screening

With thousands of healthcare workers affected by needlestick injuries each year, it’s important to have the safest blood collection devices available to reduce your risk.

The SampLok® Adapter Cap range has been designed for safer blood sample collection into blood culture bottles and test tubes.

The SampLok® Adapter Cap products are designed for use in hospitals, laboratories and clinics where patient blood is collected for testing to confirm or rule out the presence of bacterial infection in the blood.

These adapter caps fit securely on a range of culture bottles and vacuum tubes and ensure the sampling needle is well positioned in the culture bottle septum.

At the end of the blood sample collection the lid closes to shield the sampling needle (backend needle) and reduce the risk of an inadvertent needlestick (available on SampLok Adapter Cap and SampLok Adapter Cap 2).

The latest pre-analytical products include SampLok® Adapter Cap 2 and SampLok® Adapter Cap 3.

These two new Adapter Cap versions are a product line extension to the original SampLok Adapter Cap product.

SampLok Adapter Cap 2 has a unique integrated tube guide that facilitates collecting additional blood sample into standard vacuum test tubes without the need for a separate insert.

SampLok Adapter Cap 3 is a compact adapter cap that offers the same functionality as other adapter caps while reducing biohazard waste and related costs.

Improve blood culture sample collection safety and efficiency with our SampLok® Adapter Cap range of options.