ITL BioMedical Launches More New Blood Sector Products

ITL Health Group is pleased to announce the launch of ITL BioMedical’s latest pre-analytical products for blood culture sample collection, SampLok® Adapter Cap 2 and SampLok® Adapter Cap 3.

ITL’s SampLok Adapter Cap products are designed for use in hospitals and clinics where patient blood is collected for testing to confirm or rule out presence of bacterial infection in the blood.  There are millions of bacterial screening tests performed annually across the globe.

The products are in line with ITL BioMedical’s strategic plan to launch multiple products over the next 12 months to expand the Company’s blood culture testing ancillaries portfolio and grow its presence in the > $3bn global blood sector.

ITL BioMedical’s innovative products are designed in collaboration with end users to ensure products meet or exceed stringent healthcare market requirements.  This strategy ensures there will be some level of demand, although not a known level.

Bill Mobbs, ITL Health Group Executive Chairman, commented “These products show ITL BioMedical is hitting the milestones required to expand its presence in the global blood culture testing market.”

“Since the sale of our Custom Pack business last October ITL has invested a large amount in sales and marketing which means we are well placed to monetise the chain of new products to come in 2018.”

Bill Mobbs

Executive Chairman

About SampLok Adapter Caps

SampLok Adapter Caps are used to collect patient blood samples into specialised bacteria screening reagent bottles safely and efficiently.  These two new Adapter Cap versions represent a product line extension to the existing SampLok Adapter Cap product.  SampLok Adapter Cap 2 has a unique integrated tube guide that facilitates collecting additional blood sample into standard vacuum test tubes.  SampLok Adapter Cap 3 represents a smaller sized adapter cap that offers the same functionality as other adapter caps while reducing biohazard waste and related costs.

About ITL BioMedical

ITL BioMedical is a division of ITL Health Group (ASX:ITD) that sets industry standards for the innovative design and production of biological sampling systems and healthcare devices for human and animal use.  The Division’s patented medical devices focus on safety and process efficiency for end-users and their blood donors and patients in blood collection centers and healthcare markets worldwide.  For more information or inquiries, visit