ITL BioMedical Launches Safety SubCulture Unit 2

ITL Health Group is pleased to announce the launch of ITL BioMedical’s latest innovative product to support the microbiology laboratory blood culture testing process.  The Safety SubCulture Units 2 (SCU2) is one of a pipeline of new products to be brought to market in the current financial year.

ITL has sold the original SCU for over eight years, into multiple countries.  The SCU2 was designed and created in partnership with laboratory technologies who use these products and is compatible with most manufacturers blood culture reagent bottles.

SCU2 is a safety oriented, needleless device used to transfer positive blood culture samples from the reagent bottle for further testing.  SCU2 represents a subculture ancillary product line extension adding to the ITL BioMedical products in this category.

SCU2 is the fifth new product ITL BioMedical has launched as it continues to build its presence in the global Blood Culture Testing market.  The Blood Culture Testing market is estimated to be worth US$3.3b in 2016 and growing to US$4.8b by 2021(1).  The growth is due to an increase in the number of sepsis cases, rapidly ageing population and a growing recognition of the need to test blood samples for the presence of bacteria.  There are an estimated 25 million subculture procedures performed annually on a global basis.

Over the last financial year, ITL Health Group has spent over $4m in research and development across the groups’ product lines, resulting in a healthy pipeline of new products that will reach the market through 2018.

Craig Wilson, General Manager of ITL BioMedical commented “The SCU2 product is building on the success of the original SCU product and has been designed in direct response to our customer’s requests, initial market feedback has given us considerable confidence.”