ITL Biomedical Announces Key Executive Appointments, Plans for Expansion

Norrell to spearhead growth strategies; Tonkinson to boost global sales and marketing.

KINGSTON, Australia—ITL Biomedical, a leading global provider of medical devices and systems for safer, more efficient biological sampling and clinical best practices, recently welcomed John Tonkinson to the team and announced a key role change for Stephanie Norrell.

With these strategic personnel changes, ITL Biomedical anticipates significant progress towards its short- and long-term international objectives.

Stephanie Norrell assumes the role of ITL Biomedical’s VP of Strategic Global Growth. In this role, Norrell will spearhead ITL’s global growth strategies and cultivate key relationships. She will leverage her strategic acumen in long-term projects and steer ITL’s Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives.

John Tonkinson is ITL Biomedical’s new VP of Global Sales and Marketing. Tonkinson has over 25 years of experience in biotech and life science, with a track record of driving growth across diverse sectors such as proteomics, diagnostics, and filtration. He will lead a team aimed at increasing ITL’s global reach, growing channel partnerships, and identifying new opportunities for ITL Biomedical’s products.

“Over her two-decade tenure with ITL Biomedical, Stephanie has proven instrumental in shaping our growth trajectory and identifying safety-oriented product innovations,” said Craig Wilson, ITL Biomedical’s Chief Executive Officer. “John’s track record in the biomedical industry is unparalleled. We anticipate the substantial contributions both will make to ITL Biomedical as we continue our ambitious growth journey.”

As ITL Biomedical continues to develop, the company plans to broaden its global presence through a combination of enhanced digital marketing initiatives and the introduction of innovative products. In addition, the company plans to break into the medical surgical product market. The adoption of e-commerce is one strategy ITL Biomedical intends to employ in order to extend its international reach and ensure worldwide availability of its products, according to Craig Wilson, ITL Biomedical’s Chief Executive Officer.

About ITL Biomedical

ITL Biomedical sets industry standards in the innovative design and production of biological sampling systems and healthcare devices for human and animal use. The company’s patented medical devices focus on safety and process efficiency for end users, their blood donors, and patients in blood collection centers and healthcare markets worldwide. ITL BioMedical is a division of ITL Health Group (ASX:ITD).

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