A Happy New Year Message from Our CEO

Dear Colleagues, Customers, and Partners,

Happy New Year to you all! I hope you celebrated the beginning of the new year safely with family and friends.

As the holiday season comes to an end, I would like to take a moment to reflect back on 2022.

It was a transformative year for ITL BioMedical. 2022 was a year in which we strengthened our business further – growing our market share, welcoming new partners, and rolling out important initiatives that will help guide us through continued success in the future.

Among these include our enhanced Mission, Vision, and Values. When ITL was founded in 1998 our mission was clear — to develop medical device products from concept to commercialization.

Over the past two decades we have grown into a global company serving the world’s leading blood banks, laboratories, and hospitals.

Along the way, we have made impressive and innovative advances for the health care industry and built exciting new medical devices through extensive R&D activities.

We have evolved and it is time our mission and vision do as well. While our initial goal of turning concepts into state-of-the-art medical device products still rings true, our innovative products today address much more urgent and complex needs. Every day, we develop and manufacture products to help reduce significant, sometimes life threatening, safety risks to healthcare workers and patients around the globe.

We needed a narrative that captured the bigger picture, and in late 2022 we were excited to introduce our internal teams to our new mission, vision, and values (MVV). To say the new MVV was well-received is an understatement. We heard from employees that our enhanced corporate culture inspired them to continue building a great company providing innovative, high quality solutions for our customers.

We are thrilled to introduce this new narrative to the rest of the world as we kick-off 2023!

To deliver best in class medical device solutions that advance global health.

To achieve excellence in the design, manufacture and delivery of innovative medical devices that enhance blood sampling and management.


  • Accountability – we will be accountable to our employees and our community by being financially, environmentally, politically, and socially responsible.
  • Integrity – we encourage all employees to be honest in all scenarios, avoid conflicts of interest and address biases in all decision-making processes.
  • Teamwork – we will work with different businesses across our market space to maximise our efficiencies and reach our goals.
  • Can-Do-Attitude – we will conduct all aspects of our business with an intrinsic value of positivity, focusing on our people, our community, and our success.
  • Innovation – we will strongly encourage and promote continual improvement, and innovative thinking within our company.

As we continue our look back on 2022, it’s important to recognize that working together we made great progress toward our strategic goals despite significant challenges – not the least of which were the ongoing global disruptions caused by the pandemic.

I was proud to see how quickly we adapted to each new challenge and how teams from across our global company collaborated with one another to make the most of every opportunity. A great example of this was our ability to continue delivering products to over 55 countries without interruption.

Over the past year our internal teams demonstrated over and over again their strengths and made clear that when it comes to ITL BioMedical, the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. Equally impressive – our partners and their commitment to our company’s success. We are an ambitious team that sets high goals with a talented team that works hard to achieve them.

The work we are doing is more relevant than ever today. The products we provide are an integral part of healthcare workers and patient’s lives. Our customers rely on us to help them provide the very best care while keeping healthcare workers safe.

We anticipate 2023 to be another exciting year for us. We look forward to working further on the many initiatives to deliver the best products and outstanding customer experience.

I want to thank our all of our employees, customers and partners for your continued partnership and commitment to providing important products to the global health care market . Every one of us has an important role in the work ahead and I’m confident that together we will achieve great things.

I am sincerely grateful for those who worked with us on our journey so far and look forward to an exciting and productive 2023.

With sincere gratitude,
Craig Wilson