Human Healthcare Solutions

Biological sampling devices designed to enhance safety, reliability and efficiency

Our medical device solutions begin with our customers' needs.

From the first sketch on paper to the product on the assembly line, we consult and collaborate with our users to develop innovative, "people-centered" medical devices. From the Platypus needle guard developed in 1996 to our new SampLok Sampling Kit,  bio-sampling and transfer kit, each product is designed to improve safety and process efficiency for healthcare professionals, donors and patients.

We have specific medical device solutions for blood banking, laboratory and clinical use. In addition, we offer custom manufacturing which enables us to create prototypes and produce medical devices tailored to meet specific customer needs.

We know that cost of medical devices is always a consideration; we are committed to producing high quality, reliable products keeping value in mind.

Because we sell our products around the world, we strive to ensure that we meet applicable global regulations.  Our products support OSHA compliance and when required, meet FDA and EU medical device requirements.

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